About Rhodes Collar

At Rhodes Collar, our mission is to help your dog become the best possible family member and community citizen. Everything we do at Rhodes Collar is to make it easier for families to bring their dogs into all types of situations.

Our Senior Trainers

Gleanna Doyle

Gleanna Doyle, the founder of Rhodes Collar, has realized her fondest aspiration: creating an accessible, convenient, world-class dog training organization of unparalleled standards, within which any dog “issue” can be resolved.

Gleanna has been training dogs for the past 30 years, specializing in training dogs and cats for film, television, and events. Her passion is families and their pets. She loves to make it easier for families to comfortably bring their dogs into all types of situations to be truly compatible with all family members.

When asked why she became a dog trainer, Gleanna says, “Dogs chose me. It just kept happening. Every dog is as important as the last, and it is the clear calling of my lifetime.”

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Gleanna’s many professional accreditations include:

  • Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDTA)
  • Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (IAABC)
  • Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (Novartis)
  • BS Liberal and Animal Studies
  • MS Candidate Clinical Animal Behavior at University of Edinburgh

Michele Longo

After 15 years working in the marketing world, Michele jumped off the corporate ladder and went straight to the dogs! Michele first got her feet wet working with dogs in her position as the playtime manager at a full-service pet resort. Michele completed a one-year internship with a well renowned dog trainer and speaker, Leslie Nelson of Tails-U-Win, after which she was ready to launch her full-time career in reward-based dog training.

Michele recently worked with Emma Parsons, a faculty member of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training. Michele trained with Emma learning how to teach her very successful, Click to Calm method. Michelle enjoys working with people and finds it extremely rewarding to be able to pass along her skills and knowledge of positive reinforcement training methods to clients and their dogs. Her classes have included Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Manners, Intermediate, Canine Good Citizen and Agility.

As a successful trainer, Michele has the benefit of passing on what she had learned to her many training assistants and interns and is happy to offer her time as a mentor to those who are interested in exploring the world of dog training.

At Rhodes Collar Michele provides private lessons along with teaching in our group classes and Canine Good Citizen class.

In addition to her considerable skill as a trainer, what I particularly admire about Gleanna is that she’s always open to new ideas, always willing to expand her knowledge so that she can serve her clients and animals better.

Myrna MilaniVeterinary Ethologist, Author, and Teacher

Our Trainers

  • Toni Loschiavo
  • Rileigh Gosselin
  • Emily Stubbs
  • Kelli Butson
  • Owen Donahue
  • Melon Marcotte

Our Management Team

  • Gleanna Doyle - Founder
  • Toni Loschiavo
  • Heather Picazio
  • Maureen Wirta
  • Nina Matt

Help Your Dog Reach Their Full Potential

Enroll your dog as a Rhodes Collar Scholar and enjoy the benefits of our positive training program! Your dog will receive a customized plan adapted to their needs and your family’s lifestyle, ranging from group lessons to private training.