Board & Train

Training your dog mandates a lifelong, lifestyle commitment rather than a one-and-done effort. Because dogs, like people, are developmental creatures, they require consistent structure, connection, and support throughout their lifetime of learning.

Creating Good Canine Citizens

Our Board and Train service gives your pup the opportunity to live with one of our acclaimed senior trainers to accomplish and support your training goals. Our goal is to help your dog develop as a family and community member in pursuing good canine citizenry. 

Our Board and Train service is unique in that your dog will stay in one of our trainer’s homes and be welcomed and treated like family. In certain circumstances, our trainer will live in your home with your dog for this training. In addition, our trainer will provide your dog with continual coaching throughout their daily activities. This intensive and effective program is tailored to the specific needs of you and your pup!

Price: $250

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Your Dog Can Reach Their Full Potential

We have the training and classes to fit their needs.