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We offer classes to fit every training need while building a community of support among the best-informed puppy parents in Connecticut. In addition, our group classes are perfect for puppies, new owners, and dogs who need socialization.
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More About Our Group & Speciality Classes

At Rhodes Collar, you will find puppy, intermediate, and advanced group classes. We offer group classes at highly competitive rates so that all dogs may benefit from the most evidence-based ethical training in Connecticut. We continuously offer these throughout the year, as well as Agility, Scent/Nose Work, and AKC-sponsored courses such as CGC, URBAN, RALLY, and more!

All group classes are held at, The Hounds, 769 Stonington Rd., Stonington, CT

When you download our app, you will receive a 10% discount on your first lesson in the following Rhodes Collar services;

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Sociable Pup-Tail Time Workshop

Thursday, February 29th – March 21st

For puppies 10 weeks (2 weeks after their first round of shots) to 16 weeks old.

Sociable Pup-Tail Time is an interactive and wonderful experience for you and your new puppy. It plays an essential role in their growth and development, providing a chance to connect with other puppy parents, enjoy snacks, coffee, or wine, and exchange experiences. All the while your puppy builds confidence and develops social skills with other puppies, people, and adult role-model dogs that we have carefully selected. Additionally, we prepare team puppies and parents alike for positive vet and grooming visits. We use science-based methods and draw on Gleanna Dolyle’s 35-year history with socializing puppies and dogs.

Admissions Consultation is not required for this workshop.



Click to Calm w/Agility for Confidence

Begins Saturday, March 2nd, @1:00pm

Welcome to Click to Calm, a specialized program designed to help dogs overcome anxiety, fear, and reactivity.  This class is perfect for dogs who struggle with nervousness, aggression, or other behavioral challenges.

In this class, we’ll focus on using positive reinforcement techniques, specifically clicker training, to teach your dog to associate calm and relaxed behaviors with rewards. We’ll guide you through exercises and techniques that will help your dog develop self-control and learn to make positive choices in stressful situations.

You’ll learn how to effectively use the clicker as a communication tool to mark and reinforce desired behaviors.  We’ll cover relaxation exercises, impulse control, and counter-conditioning techniques to help your dog become more comfortable and confident in various environments.

Class space is limited to 4.

Admissions Consultation is required for this class.

Instructors – Michele Longo and Gleanna Doyle

Positive Only

Begins Monday, February 26th @3:30

Begins Tuesday, February 27th @6:00

This fun-filled class is suitable for all dogs, whether they are pets or show dogs! This class is all about positivity and covers a wide range of skills. From improving leash walking to engaging in “Fit Dog” exercises that strengthen your dog’s muscles. We’ll also delve into the art of “Fetch” and lay a solid foundation for proper retrieval, opening up a world of possibilities for you and your dog. Imagine your pup picking up toys, bringing you items, and so much more!  Additionally, we’ll introduce simple obstacles for your dog to navigate, including going up, over, and through, and who knows, we might even teach you how to have your dog ride a skateboard! Join us and let the adventure begin!

Instructor / Terri Marinier

Scent Detection

Begins Monday, February 26th @5:00

This class will team you & your dog to search for Birch and Anise in a variety of interiors, staging, and elements (containers, 3D, elevated hides, with accessible and inaccessible odor targeting and dive into the fine points of interpreting your dogs’ body language.

K9 Scent & Nose Work Sport Groups use target odors (e.g. Birch, Anise, Clove, Cypress, etc.) to provide dogs with a sport for their natural scenting skills using a process-based game that involves the dog and owner, builds on their ability to imprint on an odor, search/hunt for the odor, provide unique body language to inform the handler that they have scent recognition and ultimately find the source odor and communicate the find.  This sport is a fantastic way to foster a rich engaged relationship with your dog! 

Scent and Nose work sports are virtually barrier-free and are excellent for all dogs, e.g. high energy; cautious; physically challenged, etc. One dog works at a time in the training ring.

Instructor / Terri Marinier

Puppy Kindergarten

Saturday’s, starting March 2nd @9:00AM

Prerequisite – Admissions Consultation

Give your puppy the knowledge needed to grow into a smart, confident family member by starting with the core foundations in our puppy obedience class. For six weeks, our puppy obedience class will cover using lures, place, sit, down, stay, puppy push-ups, stand, loose leash walking, friendly greetings’ and more!  This class is for 3-6 months and have had their first round of vaccinations.

Instuctor, Michele Longo

Rally Obedience Classes

Monday’s, starting February 26th @6:15

Tuesday’s, starting February 27th @4:45

Rally is a perfect starting point for those who are new to canine sports.  Rally obedience is a sport in which the dog and handler move through a numbered course.  Depending on the level, there can be anywhere from 12 to 24 stations.  Each station consists of a pace change and a stationary skill such as a sit, down, or stand. This class introduces you to the sport of rally and the skills needed to succeed! Even if you aren’t interested in competition, it is a nice class to take for perfecting basic obedience and heeling skills.

Prerequisites – basic obedience or instructor approval.

Instructor, Terri Marinier

Basic Obedience 1

Saturday’s, starting March 2nd @10:15AM

This class follows Puppy Kindergarten and builds on skills learned in that class. You and your pup will continue working on recalls, longer sit stay, down stays, sharpen heeling and attention skills. This class is for dog owners who want more freedom for both their dog and themselves.  All dogs must be current on vaccinations.

If your pup attended our puppy kindergarten class, you will receive a 10% discount.

Admissions Consultation is a prerequisite for this class if you did not attend our puppy kindergarten.

Instructor, Michele Longo

Advanced Scent Detection

Begins Tuesday, February 27th @3:30

This class would progress to more complex scenarios, simulating real-life situations where dogs would need to detect scents in challenging environments, such as buildings, vehicles, or outdoor spaces. You mut have completed the beginner scent to advance to this class or approval from the instructor. Class runs for six weeks.

Instructor / Terri Marinier

Intermediate and Advanced Rally

Begins Tuesday, February 27th @2:00

This class is designed for those who have already mastered the basics and are ready to tackle more advanced rally exercises.

In this class, we’ll focus on refining your dog’s obedience and precision, as well as enhancing your communication as a team. You’ll learn complex rally signs and sequences, challenging your dog’s ability to follow your cues with accuracy and speed.

We’ll also introduce advanced rally maneuvers, such as pivots, spins, and intricate patterns, to add an extra level of difficulty and excitement to your performances.

Get ready to impress judges and spectators alike with your seamless teamwork and polished performances!

Instructor, Terri Marinier

Canine Good Citizen (Prep & Test)

Saturday’s beginning March 2nd @11:30

In this class, you will be training and learning the tasks required to pass the CGC test. This is an AKC certification program designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. All dogs who pass the 10-step CGC test may obtain a certificate from the AKC. This six-week course teaches the basic obedience skills needed to pass the test, which will be given in the last (6th) class.



Begins Monday, February 26th @2:00

If you’re looking to excel in obedience or rally and improve your dog’s leash-walking skills, then this class is for you! Not only will your dog learn to jump and retrieve, but this class is specifically designed for those interested in or already involved in competition.

Together, you’ll develop a strong partnership and master clear cues for precise and effective heeling.  We understand that there are various heeling and handler styles, which is why we’ll focus on teaching you the correct foundational behaviors to ensure seamless teamwork. Additionally, we’ll work on refining heeling components and cultivating better handler habits. Get ready to take your training to the next level!

Instructor – Terri Marinier

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