Behavioral Consultation

Every dog and family has a unique path to become the best family member and community citizen. Feelings, past and present situations, medical issues, and other factors can make it difficult for dogs to respond to daily life as people might expect.

The Path to a Peaceful Pooch

We begin with a phone call to establish how to best take the history and when to conduct the in-person consultation (1.5 – 2 hours). During the consultation, Gleanna and Michele help you develop skills with your dog toward a structured path to enjoy your life together with greater ease and less stress. After the consultation, a follow-up can be in person, on zoom, and /or by phone call. We want to remain connected to see you through easier, happier times.

Price: $290

  • A Behavioral Consultation can be scheduled in place of an Admissions Consultation
Dog Sitting In Chair 1

Your Dog Can Reach Their Full Potential

We have the training and classes to fit their needs.