Day School Prep

Set your dog up for success! Day School Prep gives your dog a solid training foundation on which we will continue to build.

Get Ready for Class!

A dedicated expert day school trainer will lead your dog through our Day School Prep curriculum:

  • One to one without distractions.
  • Then with increasing distractions.
  • Then through gradual integration, your pup learns how to be an excellent community citizen alongside a group of Rhodes Collar scholars.

Price: $75

Two Trainers With Dogs

Our Curriculum

This gradual approach to group learning ensures your pup’s safest, most positive group training experience. Our Rhodes Collar Way curriculum includes:

  • Place
  • Touch
  • Sit
  • Prep for vet and groomer visits
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Come when called

Your Dog Can Reach Their Full Potential

We have the training and classes to fit their needs