Admissions Consultation

An Admissions Consultation is the first step to success with your dog. You must schedule this before scheduling any other service (other than a Behavioral Consultation). This hour and a half session is a training lesson tailored specifically to your dog and family.

The Importance of an Admissions Consultation

At Rhodes Collar, we prioritize this mandatory, 1.5-hour-long consultation as the quickest and most thorough method to establish a strong foundation of positive reinforcement training.

Our expert coaching for you and your dog ensures success in your training journey right from the beginning. Through this consultation, you will shape the desired behaviors in your pup while effectively addressing any unwanted behaviors.

Following the consultation, our trainers will tailor the perfect training plan for your dog. The consultation can take place at your home, with potential travel rates, or at The Hounds for your convenience.

Price: $125.

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